Core Process Psychotherapy

Please note: Hetti is not currently practising.  For details of other Devon based Core Process Psychotherapists please contact

At a crossroads?

How can we learn to make the best decisions for ourselves? How can we come to terms with difficulties in our lives, for example challenging relationships, depression and dissatisfaction? And how can we find simplicity and calm?

Becoming more aware of the nature of our day to day experiences may help us to understand, befriend, and work with our challenges. It also encourages us to remember our own sources of joy, laughter and happiness.

Core Process Psychotherapy

This approach follows your needs as the client, so that no two sessions are alike.  Over a period of time different themes will naturally emerge according to your own process.  As these arise they may feel familiar or unfamiliar, difficult or surprising.  Getting to know yourself more fully and a dedication to finding sources of wellbeing will become increasingly important as you deepen into the therapeutic process. 

How I work

I use a gentle approach to psychotherapy that explores the possibility of change by paying attention to the body as well as the mind. Sessions are conducted with warmth, respect and a willingness to welcome all that may emerge. I have a background of working with families and vulnerable adolescents both for local authorities and privately.  I offer a free intial meeting and am a UKCP Accredited Psychotherapist.

How to contact Hetti Dysch

I am based in Devon and I practise in Totnes (Dartington) and Kingsbridge. To arrange a meeting please call 07850 401759 or to email Hetti