How and Where I Work

Please note: Hetti is not currently practising.  For details of other Devon based Core Process Psychotherapists please contact

A bit of background

I have spent the last seven years working in various capacities with teenagers with social, emotional and learning needs and with families. Previously I  ran my own alternative health business from a small shop in central Bristol where products were designed, made and sold.  I have led, and continue to lead, a diverse life and welcome in my practice difference of all kinds.  Alongside my work in psychotherapy I also facilitate wilderness awareness activities and courses for  adults, teenagers and children.

What I offer

As well as the chance to talk and work through difficulties, that may range from:

  • depression 
  • bereavement
  • shock and trauma
  • abuse
  • stress
  • obsessive behaviour
  • feeling stuck
  • feeling angry
  • feeling like you don’t know who you are
  • other challenges

I hope that I can help you to identify what is still functioning in your life and uncover ways to get back to your underlying health and wellbeing. I am open to working therapeutically with young adults (16-25) as well as adults of all ages. I have a passion for the outdoors and I hope that something of the natural environment may be felt as a resource, within the four walls of my practice room.

There will be times when talking about issues is not quite enough. I also work with:

  • visualisation
  • movement
  • relaxation techniques
  • your own creative process
  • silence and laughter!


My fee is £40.00 per session, some concessions may be available on request.

What’s it like to be in therapy?

It might sound simple but in all honesty being a client is at times really hard; there comes a point when, in seeing repeating patterns and difficulties more clearly, it is impossible to return to a time of not-knowing; yet in the same way that there is no turning back from increased awareness, nothing can take away the benefits and insights gained through the psychotherapy, regardless of what life throws up. It is therefore a process that develops and deepens over time.

You may be drawn to psychotherapy to cultivate your potential, or develop your spiritual practice. It is likely that you may be drawn to therapy through personal crisis, one thing too many has come to pass and finally it’s time to get some support. This is often a massive step to take and for some it will take years before it feels all right enough, to ask for, and receive help. This is an important first act of kindness towards yourself.

I am UKCP accredited with an MA in Core Process Psychotherapy.  I work in Devon and have a practice in Totnes (Dartington) and at Harbour House in Kingsbridge. I offer a free initial meeting. Sessions take place on a weekly basis for one hour at a time.